TOUCH – a film by Michele Mastroianni


This short film by Michele Mastroianni, featuring ‘Thunders and Lightnings’, composed by Ezio Bosso, tells the story of a young dancer who is diagnosed with a neurodegenerative condition. Dance has always been at the centre of his being and the mere thought that one day he will probably have to give it up is truly frightening. He is filled with a sense of such deep emptiness that even the usual warm closeness of his best friends offers no solace. However, over time, their constant and unconditional affection brings to life the vital force that dance has given him over the years of study and shared performances.
Realising that he has never been alone and never will be, he allows himself to submit to their grasp and relies on the contact of their hands to continue to dance, with courage and strength. However, it will be a new dance, a dance free from the fear that would have truly immobilized him if he had not faced up to and overcome it!

In a National Multiple Sclerosis Week that is so different from other years, due to the coronavirus emergency, we are discovering the ultimate and intense desire to dance to a life beyond multiple sclerosis – a desire that is stronger than any lockdown, any emergency or any fear. All together, each with their own courage and with their own desire to be there on the stage of life in this world of ours.

Michele Mastroianni wishes to pay homage to the vital force of art that sublimates existence and illuminates its path. A message full of hope and love addressed to all those who face life with courage. He dedicates this work to Maestro Ezio Bosso, friend and artistic father, with whom he collaborated on the creation of the performance “Photosynthesis, an unconditional love”.


A film by Michele Mastroianni

Written and choreography by Michele Mastroianni
Film Direction by Lorenzo Gironi
Dancers: Noemi Arcangeli, Damiano Artale, Philippe Kratz
Wardrobe by Emporio Armani

Ezio Bosso
“Thunders and lightnings”
(P)2017 Sony  Music Entertainment Italy S.P.A.
Courtesy of Sony Music Entertainment Italy S.p.A.

We thanks for the kind permission Ezio Bosso and Sony Music Entertainment Italy S.p.A

Direction of photography: Federico Teoldi
Focus puller: Simone Mazzoleni
Editing: Ilaria Fusco
Stylist: Elena Bellini
Make-up artist: Ginevra Pierin
Subtitles text: Paolo Maria Noseda
With the technical support by Moovie

Production by Michele Mastroianni Productions
And Associazione Culturale Prospettica
With the support of Ariella Vidach Aiep/ Residenze artistiche NaoCrea2016 (all’interno dell’art. 45 – ‘Residenze’ del D.M. 1 luglio)
In collaboration with Fondazione Nazionale della Danza Aterballetto
With the special permission of Regione Lombardia for filming location “Belvedere Enzo Jannacci” at Pirelli Tower in Milan
Under the patronage of Italian MS Society (Aism)

Special thanks to Ezio Bosso, Giorgio Armani, to Andrea Rosi, to Sony Classical Italia, to A.I.A.C.E for the medical location, making this project possible.

“We believe in the healing power of art to create unity and love”
“Thanks to all these who, with a gesture full of strenght and courage,
show us every day how life should be a dance”

All the people involved in the making of the film gave their contributions free of charge in order to raise awareness of neurodegenerative diseases, with particular attention to multiple sclerosis.

Eolo Perfido Photography –


“Fotosintesi, un amore incondizionato”, Galleria Nazionale d’arte moderna – Production and Choreography in collaboration with Ezio Bosso (live) and Paolo Scirpa (light art piece live)

Press Conference with Michele Mastroianni and Ezio Bosso


MAZDA ESPAÑA – Event choreography


CURTAIN – Fashion movement direction

Photography by Alejandro Cayetano, Model Enrique Fariñas Morales, Styling by Maria Pinto


MAN OF THE MATCH Editorial – Direction and choreography

Cinematography and editing: Giacomo Corvaia – Model/Performer: Italo Londero Contreras – Styling: Michele Mastroianni thanks to King Size Vintage and Bartoni
Production: Michele Mastroianni © and Giacomo Corvaia ©


“DIASPORA” Fashion show at Real Academia d’España in Rome – Show Direction and choreography

Collection by the spanish designer Victor Resco at Tempietto del Bramante


Opening Performing Arts – Galleria Nazionale d’arte moderna – Editorial


Light Art Magazine Editorial 2014 – Performance Installation


“A Wall Door” with PHINX – MTV New Generation band – Show/Videoclip choreography






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